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I want to know you

But not just the things

Everyone else gets to see


I yearn to hear every story

Pertaining to every line and curve of you

For they all measure up 

To the beauty that is you

And i’m helplessly lost

Don’t find me

Let me linger a moment longer in your eyes

To confess

I hold you close

Just to hopefully capture your scent

For I don’t want to lose that

Without that

It feels as if you are gone

And I never want you to go

Please don’t go

I say into the darkness

Kissing your neck

And closing my eyes once more

In honor of the coming holiday.. Halloween brings the most beautiful of autumnal skies! #autumn #nature #beautiful #sky #riderskyporn #environmentalist

I’ll always dream of just another moment with you #fall #autumn #nature #beautiful #lake #nature

Even though

I’ve never experienced a fall with you

Lost in the scents of autumn

Wrapped up in the breeze of the night

I can still say it’s what I want most in this world

For It’s you

And I can say

Without a faltering in my mind at all

That you are everything I could ever want

My eyes light up with promise and desire

One day i’ll be there

And never have to leave

When I do leave

It’ll only be for a few moments

For when the sunsets and rises

I’ll be back there with you

To build a fire to stave off the autumnal chill

Or to kiss your tired eyes

To make you laugh when the day seems to implode upon itself

I want those mornings

When we roll over and fall back asleep

I want those days where we put off our responsibilities 

Just to spend another moment together

I want it all

For I want you

I’ll be there 


Waking to you

Would make even the coldest and most bleak mornings

Shimmer in the early dew

For the leaves may fall and die

The ground may grow hard and cold

But when it comes back to life once more

I’ll still be there

Whispering my love into your ear

It still frightens my mind

And scares me

The mind can play off my insecurities 

And highlight my anxieties

When the days draw to an end

I find myself ever more in love with you

This isn’t a common thing

I’ve never dealt with this pounding in my chest

The rhythm never subsides

But I don’t want it to either

This flutter

Light as a feather

I could walk upon the clouds

The feeling of your soft hands on my bearded face

Causes a smile a mile wide

I hold your hand there

Feeling my eyes glass over slightly

The ball spins faster and faster in my throat

Recent anxieties seem to spin my universe upon it’s axis

But a moment with you rights the course instantly  

When the day comes I can wake to you I will 

The sun always seems to shine a little brighter

The colors flash a little more vibrantly

Even the sunsets with increased brillience

With you 

I’m not going to be any that i’m not

I will be everything you need and more

I want to be that guy

The one you call to fix things

Carry heavy things

Talk to about your shitty day

Help you through your darkened days

I promise not to burn out

Like a candle in the breeze

I promise to burn brightly 

I will never

Burn out

Just don’t start saying Red-rum I don’t want to meet those two twins #elevator #halloween #theshining

Close as I’ll ever make it to Yale,but it sure was beautiful I’m jealous I’m not smart #school #university #architecture #Yale

Here’s a story, over three years ago I was at the lowest point in my life. I nearly fell off and almost made the worst decision of my life. Today, i’m stronger than ever and happy, currently i’m stressed and so afraid I won’t make it through college, but I’m still so proud of where I am now in my life! 

I’m not here to settle, I’m not here to give up, times may be tough, I may have my back against the wall, but I have trained tireless and this too won’t break me #fitness #workout #progress #motivation #mma #boxing #fitblr

The excited hum plays out

Melodies of the day that run

The hours tick by much too fast

Digging feet into the ground won’t alleviate the issue

Like waves upon the sand

Endlessly time assaults onwards

Never a thought back

We lay together in bliss

Both knowing of the impeding storm of dispair

When we must part

I always hold a second longer

Kiss a moment more


With all that I am

Feeling it in every fiber of my being

That I won’t have to part from you

That if I want it enough

Time will skid to a halt

Trip over it’s self and fall

And in that time we will get our wish

Time will stop

And we can stay

That moment more

Our wishes will come to fruition

For the seed of hope

Given sunlight

And time to grow

Will sprout

And grow to be our strong reality

A natural love

That no time could shatter despite trying  

I will never appologize for who I am. I am me, i’m not perfect, I’m not smart, I procrastinate, I see the best in people even though I shouldn’t always, I can be selfish, I worry and am constantly anxious… I am concerned for everything, and currently on a path towards destruction…

But I won’t let it destroy me, I won’t let it describe me, I work my ass off, and honestly you can love me or hate me… i’ll still be here!

We say it to each other

Everyday our minds wander

We count down sunrises

And the sunsets that follow

Hoping that one day


It will finally be our time together once more

We pray for that first hug and kiss

The one that wipes away all our stresses

The one that makes everything alright

Makes everything better

The days can be hard

And it can seem hopeless sometimes

But I’ll still be here 

Waiting patiently

The demons don’t even scare me anymore

Because a kiss from you

Will take all the pain away

Call me when you need me

Call me just to hear my voice

I’m for you

And you

You are for me

As you come into view

I throw all else aside

And break into a run towards you

Feeling the breeze rush past me

Taking you in my arms and kissing you deeply

You are mine once more

Snapshots of the destruction of yesterday may also be seen in the beauty of today it’s the details in the fractures as well the kisses of the sun upon a darkened palate #nature #graffiti #beautiful #abandoned #destruction #philosophy

The cool air is running through our room

The last light clings to the corners of the room

Deep purples dash the landscape

With Vibrant yellows

And blood oranges quickly creeping out the open screen

The autumnal breeze shakes the door on it’s hinges

Leaving an eerie sound

I hold you closer though

Kiss the back of your neck

Relaxed in the first embraces of a light sleep


I never want to wake you

For you look too beautiful

Better than any fall sunset

I will love you

I whisper it into your ear

As a smile forms on your face

Taking a hold of my neck

You kiss me and settle your head onto my chest

Tapping out the beat of my heart 

Each heartbeat seeming to be longer

As the breeze lulls to to sleep

Sleep well my beautiful sunset

I will be there every night glued to the window waiting for you

And dreaming of you when time keeps us apart

Know i’ll always come back


For only you

Lost in the breeze of the night

I wake up

And you aren’t next to me

It honestly breaks my heart

Not to see you there

Smiling and laughing

Yelling at me

As you fight for just a moment longer of rest

But I pinch your cheeks

And distort my voice

But in reality

I’ve never been more in love with you 

Than I am in the morning

Waking up to see you smiling back at me

I can’t predict the future

But I want you in mine

That much I know

For as many mornings as you want me

I’ll be there

Kissing you 

Good morning