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I’ve already given up at work… God I hate my job

Truly wise words, I’ve learned it’s always worry following what your heart is telling you, there may be pain involved, but when your heart misses a beat, you’ll understand why you took the path #tea #yogi #philosophy #wisdom #life

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There’s a chill in the dusk air

As I watch the clouds lazily float by

Vibrancy quietly peaking out of the ends 

Light pink and darkened oranges splash against a jarring backdrop 

Nervously I inch closer

Nudging fingers closer to yours

Before taking the risk

And taking your hands in mine

They fit perfectly

I want to hold them all night

To be yours throughout 

I pull in closer

And you lay back in my arms

The cool grass holding us as we watch the sun fall to sleep

I whisper how beautiful you are into your ear

and ask if I can kiss you

Our lips meeting

Then again

This is a fantasy of mine

The only thing I have wanted was to be with you

Now that you are with me

I don’t want this moment to end

Please don’t wake me if i’m dreaming

I’d rather spend all my days

Lost with you 

Lost in your eyes

Fingers interlocked in yours

Lips meeting your own

My paradise in the skies

The rain droplets fall

Playing a rhythm sweetly upon the tin roof

The smoke bellows out allowing the fire to continue it’s smolder

Our windows all stand open

The fire from the stove matches with the candles 

Flowing in the breeze from the ajar windows 

I still feel sand in my hair

And I taste it upon your neck when I kiss you

The sky long since turned gray and stormy

But not even that would stop our walk

Hand in hand 

The sand between our toes

We walked along and talked of all the tomorrows yet to come

A smile forming permanently across my face 

Due to having you close, clutching onto my arm

We made it back to our house

Just a little late


But still in love

I help you out of clothing long adhered due to nature 

Than stand in our own little sanctuary

You in my arms

You kiss my hands then my lips

A callus or two remain upon those hands

But I told you I would give you a home by the water

And that’s what I did

There is no substitute for hearing the waves through the open windows

and no one I would rather hold

In our home by the ocean

I’m way too serious… #stupid #fighter #fitness #workout #boxing #mma #abs #summer #fitblr

I didn’t think

Just dove right in 

And felt the immediate rush of my decision surround me 

But guess what 

I’ll embrace it

Learn to love the brash

For I would jump right in again

Look I won’t win any awards for being too wise

And my dreams of swimming in money will dwindle

I can’t look like a model

Or be the perfect ideal

But I can try

I can jump right in once again

Let the world rush in around me and embrace it

For my heart may sit open and exposed

Out on my sleeve dangling in the wind

But I dove in for you

And I hope you’ll drag me to shore

When the rain does fall

And the sun hides from our eyes

I’ll still be there

To whisper my love for you

Allow me to run my arms around your body

And pull you close

I could kiss you til the sun comes out again

But the night burns the candle lower

Shadows dancing off the walls

The clock matters not

For tomorrow morning I will wake up and hold you just as close

With no where to go and nothing to do

You are the only thing on my mind

And baby i’m drunk on you

Don’t allow me to sober up

Keep me in blissful intoxication 

We talk in the early morning hours

Watching as candle light flash in the others eyes

I expose my secrets to you

And take off all masks

And you take my hand and do the same

We lay exposed

Just as infatuated as when we slipped beneath the covers

You can be my Cinderella

And i’ll be your Prince Charming

But I can’t tell you how it ends

Because I will do anything

Just to have you close by

My beautiful


I hope you all like this! This is a horror story I made a little bit ago, I figured I’d share it, it’s short so enjoy!!

"Here’s the deed, but be careful. That place has been abandoned for, I don’t even know how long… Enjoy it if you can"!

I walk through the front door and let the heavy metal fall past my fingers, unaware of the speed in which it shoots back, pressing jagged metal into my skin. It’s just a stupid accident, I was much to careless, I need to be much more careful in here. 

I attempt to look through some of the salvaged goods that came in this long decrepit shell of a factory. Once industry boomed, now light shines in through cracks and holes in the ceiling. The weather is cold and wet, but the sun is trying it’s hardest to poke through, armed only with a long flashlight, I descend deeper into the darkness. Strange noises fill the air, probably kids outside, they have been known to throw shit into the windows and walls of the building, but maybe…

Just maybe, I should have waited for that mask. I’m now positive this place must be rotten with asbestos. Bugs crawl, and spider webs fill any open area, glass litters every area, from lights long since shattered. Vandal graffiti fills some walls and spaces. This will take forever to clean!

I look down alleyway after alleyway that separate the pallets into their places, I will need to take everything out first and sweep all of this out, it is disgusting in here. 

A shadow passes right behind the end of one alleyway, but was it really, we were on the same path, and I never once saw another symbol of anything. I yelled til my voice grew hoarse, and continued my search of my new property.

I walk into the back holding cage, and see one of the old holding offices large sliding door has been ripped off. There is no sign of the door, I nervously inch closer, but my entire body seizes up, something about it just frightens me, It feels as if eyes watch my every move in there. I turn around and walk back into the cage, but I can’t stop looking back to the holding office. 

Then the flashlight goes out

I jam it back on with a deafening


And it turns back off








Click, Click




The flashlight falls to the floor, it’s batteries bursting from it. They roll away, but no one is there…


The stream of light once again flooding the darkness

For now 

Just go out there and do it!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
From what I can tell by your last poem, sounds like you're going through something hard with a lady. are you okay, my love? ):
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

Awww I appreciate all your concern! I’m actaully doing pretty good! I’m jsut writing what feels right!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Who is the lucky lady you've been writing about lately, mister? 😏
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

Actually I’ve just been writing for me!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you shave your pubes?
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

That may or may not happen some or maybe not some/all of the time maybe possible

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What I'm asking you is how many girls are you talking to? You have so many girls fanning over your work, you're the man, I wish I had that many girls on my page, you got to be talking to a few of them, I mean you're single, right?
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

I’m really not talking to anyone, I appreciate the confidence in me though!