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21 / Kevin Miller / College Student(Rider University) / Environmentalist / Wandering around looking for my Path / Straight/ Instagram: Confusedsome1 KIK:Confusedsome1 Skype:Thekevin.miller11

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I saw in your smile

In how you look to me

And even in your eyes

Oh baby your eyes

Deep and piercing 

I could spend all day swimming in the deep pools of your gaze

And never become tired

As I lay here


I scoot further from the wall

Making sure to preserve your place

And I turn over upon my back

So that when you can rest your head on my chest

Listening to my heart beat

Because baby it beats for you

I’ll trace my fingers over your frame

And hold you ever closer

I could be anywhere in the world

As long as I’m with you i’ll be happy

So let’s go anywhere you want

I’ll be there

To hold you close

And whisper my love into your ear

I may be a nice guy, but don’t ever say anything about my loved ones, you can hurt me or think ill of me, but threaten those I love and I become feral I guess i’m not a nice person after all…

hahaha such an awkward picture

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So your picture came up on my dash of you in your dorm room and I recognized the lovely cranberry colored shelf and was like that's definitely a Rider dorm room haha I have a weight loss blog and follow a lot of lifting/fitness blogs and your face came up on my dash. Anyways keep lifting, don't forget cranberry fest is tomorrow hahha
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

hahaha aww thanks, you can talk to me it’s okay, and i’ll be there!

I turn around

The doors beginning to close

But then I turn around

You are all i’ve ever wanted

I don’t want to leave

I refuse to leave

So i’m going to stay right here

Next to you

And hold you close

I want to be there when your dreams turn to darkness

And you need a hand to hold

I want to be there in the cold nights

To stop the shivers and make you feel comfortable and whole

I want to be there in the jubilation

The smiles that burn so bright

I want to be there through it all

For no days complete

Without you here

I can honestly say it’s true

It’s you for me

I can’t believe 

That i’m the luckiest man there could be

But i’ll tell you now

I’m far from gone 

I’m stubborn and so very much in love with you

Kiss me just once more

And lay on my chest a second longer

A lifetime with you would still be too short

So proud to call you mine

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why did you title your last poem "Flames in the Ocean"? Its very contradictory. Does that mean you love someone who doesnt love you? So confusing!!! K, thanks!
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

It’s just saying that sometimes even the most unexpected things can make you so happy and feel as if a fire were burning in your heart

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Youre awesome!!!! Keep going!!
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

So are you love!!!!

You could light a match
Burn it all down
But I’ll fight through the flames
And when the world comes crashing down
I’ll be there
To hold your hand and keep you safe
I love you
I’m not here just for tomorrow
Or only for today
I want to spend many mornings
Waking with your head upon my chest
Squeezing me ever tighter
I love your tired smile
How open you feel with me
I want to hear it all
Not just the good
I know you’ve been lonely before
And that it may be scary
But the scariest thing I could ever think of
Would be not being next to you
So take a hold of my hand
We can face every coming storm
I love you

I will answer all my questions and everything I’m just coming back from a weekend of parties and fun

My fingers quake
Hands shaking with nervousness
Eyes falling upon your frame
My minds gone
Spinning around a million miles a minute
I’ve seen you time and time before
But each time I see you
My minds rushes back
As if the first time
For what if you have changed your mind
What if what we had fades like dew upon the windowsill
I don’t want to fade away
To fade into the sunset
Never to be seen again
So I move a little closer
And kiss you just a second longer
For I can say with certainty
No one will ever lay eyes upon you
And love you the way I do
I can feel it in my every nervous swallow
And when my eyes light up
Smile forming
I know it’s true
I’m lost in the moment again
It’s always
Going to be you

I potentially have a really cool idea, I want to meld two of my loves and create a second book (after the first one comes out of course) so let me know what you guys think… I want to use my old 20mm manual camera and take pictures, each picture will be the inspiration for a new and different poem and it will be truly my book of a picture is worth a 1000 words…what do you think?

Sometimes it takes seeing true darkness to understand why the sun shines so brightly #sunset #nature #beautiful #darkandlight #mentalhealth #seethesunshine



“Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” Illustrations

Dat’s me!