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21 / Kevin Miller / College Student(Rider University) / Environmentalist / Wandering around looking for my Path / Straight/ Instagram: Confusedsome1 KIK:Confusedsome1 Skype:Thekevin.miller11

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I can not FUCKING WAIT for Halloween!

Hopefully my last dorm!

I’m ready to move in!

It’s turtle time!

Allow me to be brief

The words just don’t measure up

You are the most beautiful to me

And baby I won’t ever let you go

Inch a little closer

And feel my kiss upon the back of your neck

This is just the first of many


Only yours

"You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod/iphone/itunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs, then pass this onto 10 people."

I was tagged by goalsonfire

1.)Consoler of the Lonely- The Raconteurs 

2.) Fallin’ - Asher Roth

3.)Congratulations- MGMT

4.)I Think Ur A Contra- Vampire Weekend 

5.)Paper Planes (DFA Remix)- A.R. Rahman

6.)Wear my Hat- Mac Miller

7.)Drones in the Valley- Cage the Elephant


9.)Dani California- Red Hot Chili Peppers 

10.)No Strings Attached- ‘NYSNC 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Where have you been?
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

I’ve been away for Labor Day!

I’m not perfect, I’m terribly flawed and not someone to cross, but I’m also a lover and i hope to never see the darkness behind my eyes

The candle flickers

It’s shadow dancing against the darkened background

Spilling glimpses of luminescence upon the the night encrusted walls

I watch the candle light

Ebb and flow with the cool autumn air

As the chilling breeze spreads it’s embrace throughout our room

You trace my chest

Hand laying softly upon me

I try not to breath too heavily so I don’t disturb you

We don’t speak out of comfort

Stealing glances to you makes me smile

Yet every time I look to you and see you look back

I smile a mile wide

We pierce the silence with our lips

Lost in the others

I whisper sweet nothings into your ear

As we look out at the moon

Slipping out of your grasp for a second

I let the needle fall 

Seeing the vinyl spin faster

Sending soft and sweet words into the night’s air

I need nothing more

It’s you that I want

Nothing will beat this

So I hope I might be asleep

For then maybe I can rest forever

I never want this moment to pass

I never want to leave this

Right here

With you

As I get older, and inch closer to the real world, i’ve realized how utterly out of touch I am and honestly it scares me! I know very little of what is going on in the world today in regard to issues and problems outside of my little environmentally, hippy, fitness world. I’m trying to change, and I’m reading up on a lot more and holy shit this world can be beautiful but also… this world can scare the shit out of you!

Throwback to my week on the beach with my amazing friends #beach #summer #throwback #oceancitynewjersey #morning #sunrise #sand #sun #summer

Day off so I can Pack to go back to school

Long drive
Long night
The best night
Of my life…
Jason Mraz- Long Drive