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21 / Kevin Miller / College Student(Rider University) / Environmentalist / Wandering around looking for my Path / Straight/ Instagram: Confusedsome1 KIK:Confusedsome1 Skype:Thekevin.miller11

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Best part of the day… Shower time!

Nothing is lost forever, even the grass may rise again, when the threat of impending destruction halts it’s tireless pace and time is given to heal, we can see a change occur…. There is beauty out there in every line and every detail, if you spend you’re whole life trapped in a box speeding to and from places, you might miss that which changes your entire perspective #blackandwhite #farm #antique #decrepitation #broken #beautiful #nature

I close my eyes 

And yet I still see you

I hope that you’ll be there

I’d do anything to make it true

When the sky turns to night

And you are feeling blue

Close your eyes and think of me

For it will stir me from my slumber

I promise

I would put the world on pause

And climb mountains

If it would only

Get me back  with you

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I assume you are very confident (in a good way, of course).
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

I actually really struggle with self-confidence issues

one part of brain… write something, other part… sex is cool

Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested.

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Happy workout!

Rocking my school!

Can you feel it in your heartbeat

Do you see your hands starting to shake

Or are you completely calm

Does this mean nothing to you

For i’m nervous as hell

I don’t want want to screw up

Couldn’t meet my own gaze in the mirror

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t imagined it perfect

But here we are now

Perfect is only a word

I pull the rope

Hoping to drag the world closer

As if just the notion of the word will rub off upon me

You are just perfect in my eyes

Everything from the way you smile

Exposing lines of gleeful joy

To your waist

You shy away when I talk of your beauty

Telling me you aren’t a supermodel

But I don’t want a supermodel

If I wanted fake

I’d go to the store

I want you

I’m not perfect either

I’m bruised and broken

My body shows more scars than it should

But allow me to stare a second more

Lost in you

I want to spend each day looking at you

Like a child gazing to the stars

For you are my star

Shining brightest

I hope your light never dulls

For I want to be there to keep it burning


I sit up in the quiet night

One leg crossed over the other

Desperately searching the pillow for your scent

But it’s gone

And I miss you

Watching the darkness through the window

I listen as the leaves tremble in the wind

Their song a sad and soft rustling

A single lost bird chirps through the blackened horizon 

I keep hoping that the light will turn on

And my door will open

To expose you to me once more

No I won’t wait

I can’t wait

I’ll walk if I must 

One foot in front of the other

You are just too good to be true

I need to see you again

I see your name light up my phones screen

And I break out into a dash

I’ll be there soon

As I send back you’re beautiful

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You are incredible 😘
confusedsome1 confusedsome1 Said:

AHHH thank you so much! you are too sweet!


The music still plays

Rhythm and beat flow throughout the house

But you grab my hand

Asking if i’m alright

I’m perfect though

I’m just lost in the perfection you seem to unknowingly possess

Being next to you is all I could ask for

I take a stronger grip

Intertwining fingers into yours

But our feet start to move

Taking off our daily stresses

And unzipping from the worries

Lost in bliss together

Taking you in my arms

We rest our heads softly upon the mattress

Catching us like a cloud in the sky

I must be in heaven

For it’s you next to me

I wrap my arm around you

But keep moving

So that I might kiss your lips just once more

When the sun rises the next morning

I awaken with my arm still around your shoulder

Seeing you shiver I attempt to pull the covers up

Making sure are warm enough

And I kiss your neck

Sleep well beautiful angel

I’ll find a way to show you just how one of a kind you are too me

Your beauty inside and out

Until then i’ll hold you close

Please don’t have anything to do

I already have everything I could possibly ever hope for

With you here with me